Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies [VLOG]

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Vlog


What’s up guys welcome back to crust punk banking! It has been a long year since our last video. The world reopened and I had to start working again all the time but fortunately I did meet some lovely assistants that are with me today. We have chef Brooklyn and we’ve got chef Lottie. They are here to help me make some awesome chocolate chip cookies . We’ll get cooking here in just a second girls, are you ready? Yeah! Let’s do this!


All right we’re going to get rolling, I’m using a mixer for this, you don’t have to but I suggest it. I also don’t know child labor law so we’re going to let the machines do the work here. All right we’re going to start off by adding our sugars, we’re doing three quarters of a cup of white sugar so Lottie, you can dump that in.


Perfect! We’re going to do three quarters of a cup of brown sugar, Brooklyn you can do that one. Boom! We’re also going to go ahead and add vanilla.


Vanilla is the garlic of the baking world you can’t use too much. Now we’ve got some cinnamon salt and our baking powder or baking soda and now we’re going to add our butter.


Brooklyn you add the margarine.


Perfect all right and now we’re going to get it mixing and go from there.


All right we’re locked and ready to go. We’re just going to mix it for a couple of minutes until it’s fully combined and then we’re going to add everything else.


All right everything is mixing up really nice, you don’t have to melt the butter or anything like that the mixture will do all the work. All right so now we’re going to add the oatmeal.


We’re gonna wait till that gets all mixed and then we’re gonna add the flour oh that is a lot of flour.


All right perfect!


Now so we’re just going to let it go until it fully mixes.


All right so we are all mixed up and there’s nothing left to do except portion out some cookies. We’re gonna take this handy dandy middle school mashed potato scooper also known as a disher: this is two ounce you can use any but we like big cookies so we’re doing two ounce cookies all right let’s get portioning.


Scoop it up.


Oh get a big ol scoop fill that thing up, you can get more in there – oh there we go perfect okay.


This is the last one, that’s a big cookie!


All right we’re done going to put them in the oven for 22 minutes. I like to rotate it halfway through, just twist the pan around make sure it cooks evenly so let’s get cooking and then we’re done.


All right time for the unveiling of the delicious cookies.


All right take one look at the camera and take a big old bite!


For the purpose of this video I just went ahead and did it vegan – we used a plant-based butter and a plant-based margarine. You can use regular, but honestly it all tastes the same, costs the same, so why not let everybody eat.


I’d like to thank my two lovely assistants for all of their help today and thank you for checking us out maybe we’ll not wait another year to do another video!