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Wholesale Bagels in Charlotte NC

Crust Punk does bagels the right way. King Arthur flour, fresh yeast and water with four separate rising times before being boiled and baked. No fillers, no preservatives, no shortcuts – just damn good bagels.

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Our Story

We’re not just in it for the dough.

Crust Punk is the baking offshoot of FūD on the MūV, formerly FūD at Salud. We started making bagels at Queen City Grounds in 2019. Following a job change and a global pandemic, bagel makin’ was put on hold.

It was awful seeing how many people were out of work so we shifted our focus to helping our industry peers. After a 3 month long bake sale we realized that we were starting to get pretty good at this baking game, and actually enjoyed it. Crust Punk soon expanded into a YouTube channel featuring some of our favorite recipes.

The world soon opened back up and Crust Punk went on hiatus. It didn’t take long for some friendly encouragement to inspire us to push forward and expand. After pestering some friends to give our bagels a shot at their cafe (thanks Jimmy and Louisa!), we were off to the races. Starting with weekly orders of less than 10 dozen and 2 locations, we’re now in 11 locations (and counting!) and producing well over 50 dozen weekly.

Sure, we’re in this to make a profit- but it’s much, much more than that. Cooking and baking is our passion and watching people enjoy our goods is about the coolest feeling ever.


Only the Best

The proof is in the [bread] pudding

It's been said that baking is a science. While true in some aspects, it's all about using the best ingredients, following instructions and  taking your time. We could use cheaper ingredients or even skip a step or two, but at the end of the day we're all about putting out the Lamborghini of bagels. No one wants the Geo Metro of bagels.


What People are Saying

"I think your bagels are better than mine"

"It pains me to say this, but I think your bagels are better than mine. I think you have the recipe down."

Claire McElwee (my Mom)

"I'd order again  because the customer service was excellent"

"These bagels are the best! We got a variety and each one was SO good. The homemade cream cheese was probably the best I've ever had. I'd order again and again and again simply because the customer service itself was excellent."

Melanie Morton Boone

“They're so delicious and fresh!”

"I order bagels from here almost every week, they’re so delicious and so fresh! 10/10 recommend!"

Laura Dyches

"The best bagels in Charlotte!"

I get their bagels from various coffee shops in Charlotte as well as at Bart’s Mart on Saturdays. The best bagels in Charlotte! I love trying the different flavors and I can order multiples and they stay fresh into the week so I have breakfast before work!

Kelly Cehelnik

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Bake up some delicious bagels with Crust Punk Baking

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